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The goods are carefully checked and fully packed before delivery to the carrier for transport.

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Ascher accepts OEM, ODM orders and promises to provide the best price to our customers.

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To make sure each order goes hassle free, our team are trained periodically with service training manual and safety standards.


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The products will be tested several times from the QC department before they leave the factory and shipped after good packaging protection. Guaranteed to be in perfect condition when delivered.


It has been certified by several testing institutions and obtained the certification of the authority of the United States and Europe, which can guarantee the safety of use.


The design of our luminaires is based on environmental considerations, working more energy-efficiently while complying with environmentally friendly policies, and being recyclable and reusable.

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A corner of our workshop

In order to better serve our customers, we will set up product inspectors in different jobs to reduce the rate of product damage, so as to ensure that the goods received by customers are well packed and can be used normally.